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Itgmbh.Elvis.ArtnetDocumentation of the Elvis package “Artnet”


The DMX connector built into the Elvis setup is designed for Cinetix DMX interfaces that are no longer produced.

This package provides access via any Artnet-compatible DMX interface available from many manufacturers on the market. We have successfully tested the connection e.g. with the Enttec ODE Mk2.

Compared to the existing DMX connector, the new connector also offers extended functionality.

This package is a BETA version at the moment!


After inserting the package into the server project via the package manager (from Elvis 3.3.114) the new connection driver “ArtnetDriver” is available.

Next, a new data point connection must be created in the server project: Right click on the server project -> Add -> Add server data -> Connection with data points. The corresponding *.elvissc file should be named accordingly.

Then create a first table entry in this file by clicking on the green cross, i.e. a new port instance, and select the “ArtnetDriver” option in the “Driver type” column. This new port is configured in the properties window. In the field “Local IP address” you only have to enter something if the Elvis server computer has several network interfaces; in this case enter the IP address of the desired network interface here. Under Subnet Mask, enter the corresponding subnet mask; the default value is

Now you can create data points for this connection for the individual data to be transferred (or import from the process). The addresses have the form:


The “universe” that can be set on the Artnet interface is uni. If the Artnet features Net and Subnet are also used, then write net.subnet.universe for the universe.

For multiple channels, specify a channel range:


Via an appended L or B, the byte order LitteEndian (L) or BigEndian (B, default value) can be specified for multiple channels.

If the Artnet features Net and Subnet are used, one writes for the universe net.subnet.universe .

The following data points are supported:

  • Numeric (e.g. Byte or Double). In addition, a scaling factor can be specified here in ProcessTypeInfo. For example “*0.39216” provides that the DMX values 0-255 are represented as 0-100 in Elvis.
  • For “Color” you have to enter “RGB” in the ProcessTypeInfo. This allows three consecutive DMX channels to be displayed as a color value.

Download sample project

Note: Please unzip the zip file with a packing program (e.g. 7-Zip) or call up the properties of the downloaded zip file and check the “Allow” box in the Security section. Otherwise the dll-files will be blocked!