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20.02.2023 12:00


BSP Power on time

Version Elvis 3.3
published on 22.02.2023

Download Power on time (zip)

The operating time of e.g. a lamp (i.e. how long it has been switched on) can be elegantly determined in Elvis3 with the help of an integral.

To do this, first insert an integral element into a diagram. Then you bind the data point for switching on/off (even better: the status feedback) of the lamp to the input “I” and the system data point “TimeUTC” to the time input “T” of the integral. The time unit for the integration can be set in the integral properties, e.g. 1 h, 1 min etc.

In the example project, 1 hour is set as the time unit for the integration. In addition, the status feedback of a spot lamp is used here as the input value to be integrated.

Note: Please unpack the zip-file with a packing program (e.g. 7-Zip) or open the properties of the downloaded zip-file and check “Allow” at security. Otherwise the dll files will be blocked!