Welcome to the support area of IT GmbH.
Here you can get information, help and service.

To ensure the best possible support, please describe your request as precisely as possible in this form and include the required files. We will process your request as soon as possible.
Please note that under certain circumstances costs may arise for the further processing of the request. After we understand your request, we will let you know if there are any costs for you to process it.

For remote maintenance and support we use TeamViewer.


Conversion of databases (ETS1 -> ETS 2 -> ETS 3 -> ETS4). Project support (e.g. creation of project specific Elvis scripts, debugging Elvis scripts and Elvis projects).

Installation, function and operation of the ETS. In this case, please contact the KNX Association. Product specific problems with KNX/EIB devices and applications. In this case, please contact the manufacturer of the device. Setup and operation of Windows as well as Windows problems.

Please understand that it is not possible to train the products via telephone or e-mail. Please also consult the online help and the manuals. For Elvis there is a corresponding training offer. IT GmbH still offers you free access to all support services provided on the Internet (FAQ, tips, files).