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Elvis Viewer Direct

All in one – cost-effective smart home networking



The demand for KNX end devices and intelligent home technology continues to grow and operation via smartphone is desired in many cases.

The professional is thus faced with the choice of opting for a solution in which he has to invest once in order to be able to use it many times afterwards.

An app that starts right here is Elvis Viewer direct. It was developed by us to make systems cost-effective and quick to operate.

Convenient without additional investment

Convenient without additional investment

The operation of a smart home via an app without additional hardware is often desired. After all, the cost of the plant should be kept within reasonable limits. The building owner, who has his system designed, is also pleased about saved costs. So if a plant can be operated directly from the app without having to integrate an additional server into the plant, this saves cash. Elvis Viewer direct offers this possibility.

Flexible design

Flexible design

When it comes to the design of the user interface, end customers who want to operate their own home via a smart app on their cell phone are more likely to be classified as demanding. That is why it is important that all elements can be customized. If required, photos of the end customers can also be integrated into the app to meet all requirements.



Elvis Viewer Direct is a solution from the Elvis product family. During development, IT GmbH took care to coordinate the products in such a way that they can be used without difficulty for more complex projects within the same environment. So if for example a MultiMedia installation is added to the home, the previous work is not in vain, but can be transferred to an Elvis project with extended functionality.



KNX | IoT | Philips Hue

In addition to the connection of KNX systems, the Elvis Viewer direct supports the robust IoT protocol MQTT. This significantly expands the number of supported devices and enables cross-protocol linking of data points/group addresses of KNX and MQTT devices. Optionally, an MQTT broker can be activated in parallel to the MQTT client.

Scenes | Sequences | Time programs | Alarms

Besides the interfaces, the intergated server in Elvis Viewer direct offers automation functions, which are the basis of every smart home. In addition to the use of scenes and sequences, the integration of time-controlled functions is of particular interest. In addition, there is the possibility to monitor one’s smart home and to automatically trigger alarms in case of errors and to communicate these, for example, via a phone call.

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