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Product: Falcon
Version: 1.3


To interpret the Falcon error messages, the following error codes may be useful.


Setup error
Code Symbolic name Meaning
Runtime error

The following error codes can occur in the elvissvr.log log files as well as the Falcon log files *.hlg in Program Files\Common Files\EIBA sc\Log:

Code Symbolic name Meaning
0x80042A01 FALCON_E_UNKNOWN Falcon unknown error.
0x80042A02 FALCON_E_PING Ping failed.
0x80042A03 FALCON_E_PHYSADDRREAD Physical address read failed.
0x80042A04 FALCON_E_PHYSADDRWRITE Physical address write failed.
0x80042A05 FALCON_E_MULTIDEVPRGMODE Physical/Domain address write: more than one device in programming mode.
0x80042A06 FALCON_E_ADDRESSUSED Physical/Domain address write: address already in use by another device.
0x80042A07 FALCON_E_DOMAINADDRREAD Domain address read failed.
0x80042A08 FALCON_E_DOMAINADDRWRITE Domain address write failed.
0x80042A0A FALCON_E_DOMAINADDRSELREAD Domain address selective read failed.
0x80042A0B FALCON_E_DEVICE_NOT_EXIST Device does not exist.
0x80042A0C FALCON_E_DEV_AUTHENTICATION Authentication failed.
0x80042A0D FALCON_E_DEV_MASKREAD Mask version read failed.
0x80042A0E FALCON_E_DEV_MEM_ACC_DENIED Memory access denied.
0x80042A0F FALCON_E_DEV_CONF_TIMEOUT Management timeout.
0x80042A10 FALCON_E_NOCONNECTION No connection available.
0x80042A11 FALCON_E_CON_CLOSED Connection explicetly closed.
0x80042A14 FALCON_E_CON_MODE_INVALID Connection: invalid mode. An operation was requested which can not be done with current mode, e.g. trying to set the target address of a Connection object while a connection has already been opened.
0x80042A15 FALCON_E_GROUP_TIMEOUT Timeout in wait of synchron call.
0x80042A16 FALCON_E_GROUP_WAITFAILED Fail in wait of synchronous call.
0x80042A17 FALCON_E_EDI_WRITEERROR EDI write error
0x80042A18 FALCON_E_ADVISE_FAILED Advise within Falcon component failed.
0x80042A19 FALCON_E_DEV_INDADDR Reading individual address from device failed.
0x80042A1A FALCON_E_DEV_DOMADDR Reading domain address from device failed.
0x80042A1B FALCON_E_VERIFY Verifying the data after beeing written has failed, write should be regarded as failed.
0x80042A1C FALCON_E_INVALID_SAP_TABLE Falcon invalid SAP table.
0x80042A1D FALCON_E_DEVICEALREADYINUSE A connection to the device is already established.
0x80042A1E FALCON_E_DEMOMODE Falcon running in demo mode. Demo mode running time has expired.
0x80042A1F FALCON_E_SENDFAILED Sending a message to the bus failed.
0x80042A20 FALCON_E_NORESPONSE No response received.
0x80042A21 FALCON_E_USERMESSAGEINDEX Invalid user message index specified.
0x80042A22 FALCON_E_ADCREADRESPONSE Invalid channel number specified or ADC value overflow.
0x80042A23 FALCON_E_ADC_CHANNEL Specified channel number is out of range.
0x80042A24 FALCON_E_ADC_READCOUNT Specified read count is out of range.
0x80042A25 FALCON_E_ASYNCSCANRUNNING An asynchronous individual address scan is already running.
0x80042A26 FALCON_E_OPENDRIVER Open/Initialize of the driver failed.
0x80042A27 FALCON_E_EDIINIT Open of EDI failed.
0x80042A28 FALCON_E_INVALIDOPENPARAMS The specified open parameter is invalid.
0x80042A29 FALCON_E_BADINDEX EIB object or property doesn’t exist or access is denied.
0x80042A30 FALCON_E_NODEVPRGMODE Physical/Domain address write: no device in programming mode.
0x80042A31 FALCON_E_LOCALGATEWAYINIT Error while initializing local gateway.
0x80042A32 FALCON_E_CANCELED The operation has been canceled by the client.
0x80042A33 FALCON_E_LICKEY_ALREADYINUSE A connection with the same licence key is already open to another gateway, please use other licence key.
0x80042A34 FALCON_E_RECONNECT_FAILED The reconnect to a remote gateway (e.g. EIBlib/IP) failed or is currently in progress but has not succeeded yet.
0x80042A35 FALCON_E_INVALIDROUTINGCOUNTER The routing counter was out of range (0 to 7).
0x80042A36 FALCON_E_INVALIDPRIORITY The value of priority (enumeration) is not valid. It must be one of the enumerator values defined in the Priority enum.
0x80042A37 FALCON_E_DOMAINADDRWRITE_VERIFY Verifying the domain address after beeing written has failed, write should be regarded as failed.
0x80042A38 FALCON_E_PHYSADDRWRITE_VERIFY Verifying the individual address after beeing written has failed, write should be regarded as failed.
0x80042A39 FALCON_E_INVALID_PROPDATATYPE The property datatype was invalid. Maybe not a value from the enumeration or the devices property type is different.
0x80042A3A FALCON_E_DEVICE_RESET Error during device reset.
0x80042A3B FALCON_E_UNIQUENAME_VIOLATION The connection name is not unique.
0x80042A3C FALCON_E_OBJECT_ALREADY_IN_USE The object is already in use and the method must not be called twice on the system.
0x80042A3D FALCON_E_ADDRESSUSED_BY_LOCAL_GATEWAY Physical/Domain address write: address already in use by local device.
0x80042A3E FALCON_E_CONNECT The connect to the remote device failed (e.g. after programming its individual address).
0x80042A3F FALCON_E_DEVICERESET_VERIFY The reset of the remote device failed (e.g. after programming its individual address).
0x80042A40 FALCON_E_PROPDATA_BYTECOUNT The number of bytes of the property response is not equal to that of the requested property data type.
0x80042A41 FALCON_E_OPEN_IN_DIFFERENT_LAYER The local gateway is already in use with an incompatible mode.
0x80042A42 FALCON_E_ONLYDRIVERMODECON The property or method cannot be called with only opened drivermode connection.
0x80042A43 FALCON_E_READLOCALINDADDR Error reading the local individual address.
0x80042A44 FALCON_E_INTERNALCONNECTIONALREADYOPEN The internal connection is already open.
0x80042A45 FALCON_E_DRIVERNOTOPEN The driver is not open.
0x80042A46 FALCON_E_TLALREADYOPEN Transport layer Connection already open.
0x80042A47 FALCON_E_USB_DEVICE_NOT_FOUND The USB device could not be found.
0x80042A48 FALCON_E_DEVICE_DISCONNECTED The remote device has disconnected.
0x80042A49 FALCON_E_INVALIDGROUPADDRESS Invalid group address value.
0x80042A4A FALCON_E_SERIAL_EDI_MORE_THAN_ONE The serial EDIs do not allow opening more than one bus connection via different serial ports, e.g. COM1 and COM2. This error is returned if a connection to another COM port is already open.
0x80042A4B FALCON_E_BUSMONMODE_NOT_SUPPORTED_BY_EDI The EDIs does not support busmon mode connection.
0x80042A4C FALCON_E_HOST_NOT_FOUND The host could not be found, e.g. DNS name could not be resolved.
0x80042A4D FALCON_E_OPEN_USB_DRIVER The USB driver could not be opened, e.g. there is no USB device connected to the computer.
0x80042A4E FALCON_E_VERIFY_MODE Although memory verify mode is enabled, the management server did not send a memory response apci after the memory write request.

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