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Equipment testing

Special goals require special means



Even though many projects are similar, the opportunity often lies in the particular. With the Device Testing utility, we provide an add-on program that enables the testing of devices in an existing installation with the simplest of means.

The device check queries all KNX/EIB devices in a specified address range and

  • determines whether the device is present (responds)
  • reads out some interesting status data according to your choice (bus voltage, error flags, execution state etc.)

Output is to the screen and optionally to a CSV file.

The function of the tool can be completely controlled via the command line. This makes it possible, among other things, to start the device test automatically on a regular basis via the “Scheduled Tasks” of Windows.

You can get the setup of the full version in the download center. For more information, see the online help after installation.

The KNX “Falcon 2” library must be installed for operation. This is already on your computer if ETS3, ETS4 or Elvis is installed. With ETS5 or ETS6, Falcon 2 must be installed. You can download and install “Falcon Runtime” from the MY.KNX website.

Without license (dongle) only the devices with addresses in the range 1.1.1 to 1.1.10 can be checked.

The device test can be used independently of the ETS version, since it does not use the ETS.

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