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KB050103 | GATEWAY

KB050103 | GATEWAY

Product: Elvis
Version: 2.4
Booth: 2005-11-24


I have a task that I can’t solve yet. The Elvis Visu is affiliated with EIB. In addition, I get some counter readings from an OPC server. I display this counter reading on my Visu. Now, however, I am also supposed to send these meter readings to the EIB bus so that I can display them elsewhere. Can you show me a way to solve this task. Or where can I read about it?


The aim is to send a telegram to the EIB when an up-to-date meter reading arrives from the other fieldbus.
Thus, the nominal value of a data point of the EIB must be set when the actual value of the counter changes.
To do this, we create a calculation of the data point property (see manual for project planners) of the data point that we want to change. So, we calculate the nominalvalue of the EIB data point. This calculation must be executed when the value of the meter reading changes and the meter reading (actual value = ActualValue) must be written to the nominalvalue of the EIB data point.
The “Execute on value change” is always achieved by the “@” that precedes the data point (see manual for project planners).
The assignment is achieved via the “=”, the direction of the assignment is from right to left.
If a value is to be assigned to the data point property in which the calculation is performed, “Result” can also be used as shorthand notation (see Manual for Project Planners).

So, for the task at hand, this solution arises:

The calculation is made in the NominalValue of the EIB data point that will contain the counter value:

RTEmagicC 810bce59cb.jpg

RTEmagicC f8b8034f93.jpg

Then the data point of the external system should be inserted:

RTEmagicC d386f4afc0.jpg

RTEmagicC 39f863478b.jpg

This is the result:

RTEmagicC fd63afaada.jpg

Of course, it is completely irrelevant whether the data points belong to one bus system or different systems.
However, it is very important that the types of data points match!
To do this, you have to check the list of data point types to see whether the formats of the data point types match.

The example can also be found in the manual for project planners.

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