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KB110022 | WAKE ON LAN

KB110022 | WAKE ON LAN

Itgmbh.Elvis.GenericIPWOLDocumentation of the Elvis package “WakeOnLAN”


Booting a powered-off “machine” from the built-in network card using the Generic IPClient port in Elvis 3. Not only PCs, but also other network devices whose network cards support the WOL standard (“Wake on LAN”) are considered computers (see Wikipedia article).


After inserting the package into the server project via the package manager (from Elvis 3.3.31), the ready-made configuration file WOL.xml is available (see below for information on earlier Elvis versions).

The next step is to create a new data point connection in the server project: Right-click on the server project – add -> add server data ->> connection with data points. The corresponding *.elvissc file should be given a corresponding name, e.g. “WOL.elvissc”.

Then create a first table entry in this file by clicking on the green cross, i.e. a new port instance (here: “WOL”), and select the option “GenericIpClient” in the “Driver type” column. The configuration of this new port is done in the properties window:

Configuration: WOL.xml
IpHostName: (this is the broadcast address for the “Magic Packet”)
IpPort: 9 an arbitrary (free) IP port number

Now you can create a data point for this connection with the following properties:

  • Data point type: Similar to sequences or scenes, a command format type (here: BooleanCmd) is used as a trigger.
  • Process port: The name of the new port (here: “WOL”).
  • Process addresses: The MAC or hardware address of the target computer must be used here. This can be determined on Windows PCs with the command line command “ipconfig /all”. This sextet of hex numbers is then entered in the address field without special characters, e.g. like this: “001122334455”.

Note on previous Elvis versions

In Elvis versions prior to 3.3.31, use the following procedure instead of the package manager:

  • Download the WOL.xml file and right-click on the server project – Add ->> Existing item… one.
  • If you select the file in Solution Explorer, set Copy to Output Directory in the Properties under Copy to Output Directory to “Copy if newer”.

Download demo project.

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KB110022 | WAKE ON LAN

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KB110022 | WAKE ON LAN

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