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Fill visualization dummy

Fill visualization dummy

Fill the filter table with one step


Line couplers in KNX/EIB installations also have the task of reducing telegram traffic. For this purpose, the line couplers use filter tables created by the ETS. The ETS filters out all group addresses that only have to be transmitted locally, i.e. within a line.

For a complete visualization of the plant it is necessary that the telegrams are passed by the line couplers. For this purpose, you can insert a dummy device in the ETS project to which all group addresses required by the visualization are assigned using this app. The ETS will take into account the group addresses of the dummy device when creating the filter tables.

You can select the group addresses from the following sources:

  • from the group address window of the ETS
  • from a CSV file
  • from an Elvis3 projection file


The app integrates itself into the ETS in the menu Apps > IT GmbH and offers the buttons Export, Import and Help in the toolbar. The online help describes all processes in detail.

Version 5.0.1490
Language German/English
Download Only via the KNX online store
Operating system like ETS5 / ETS6
Compatibility ETS5 as of 5.7.2 / ETS6
  Release Notes

All specifications are subject to change without notice.
ETS is a registered trademark of KNX Association cvba, Brussels.
Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corp., Redmond.


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