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The reverse engineering tool for ETS


  • Complete or partial readout of the programmed devices of an EIB/KNX installation with parameter settings and group address assignments.
  • EIB/KNX installations created with ETS1, ETS2 or ETS3 can also be read out, provided that the product data (VDX or KNXPROD format) are available.
  • Comparison of the read-out data with the project planning data.
  • Conversion of the read out data into an ETS project. This allows you to recover lost or unavailable project planning data.

New features from version 5.0.1516!

  • easy search for product data
  • new online service of the IT GmbH
  • Reconstruction of modern “modular” application programs
  • Support for segment couplers and KNX Secure devices
  • Coupler product detection


These data can be reconstructed:

  • Topology (areas and lines)
  • Devices
  • physical address
  • used application program
  • Parameter settings
  • Communication object flags and priority
  • Assigned group addresses

This data cannot be reconstructed because you are not programmed into the devices:

  • Building and trade structure
  • Names and descriptions of areas, lines, devices and group addresses

In some cases, the reconstruction may fail or be incomplete:

  • Devices locked with an unknown BCU password may not be readable.
  • Devices that are programmed with plug-ins (additional software) can only be read out and reconstructed if the device manufacturer supports this (with a corresponding reconstruction plug-in).
  • Some application programs contain parameters that are not programmed into the device (e.g. comments on the documentation). These functionally insignificant parameter values can therefore also not be reconstructed.
  • It is possible that application programs exist whose complex parameter dependencies cannot be fully resolved by the app reconstruction. The Reconstruction app will then display a corresponding message. In this case, please contact our support. We will then try to find a solution.

For information on reconstruction specifically for ABB products, please refer to this document from the manufacturer.

We have prepared for you a list of IDs for manufacturers of KNX devices.

To assist customers who have purchased our App Reconstruction, the following links provide overviews (TXT files – as of 04/03/2019) from which the assignment of order numbers to application IDs can be taken. These overviews do not claim to be complete! Likewise, if you have imported only one product with a specific order number, there is no guarantee that you have really imported all possible applications. In particular, manufacturers have often removed older versions of application programs from product data in favor of newer versions.

Missing product data can be imported (manually).

New! Online service of the IT GmbH

The online service gives you access to thousands of current and older product data. Currently, data from over 15,000 application programs is available. Products not yet present in the project are automatically searched for via the online service and can be downloaded directly from the Reconstruction app (ETS5) or even imported directly (ETS6).

For access you need a personalized key, which you can purchase via for a one-time payment of 100 EUR (plus VAT).

We put a lot of effort into maintaining this database and therefore ask for your understanding that the personalized key is only for the acquirer and may not be passed on to third parties!

DownloadOnly via the KNX online store
Operating systemlike ETS5 / ETS6
CompatibilityETS5 as of 5.7.2 / ETS6
 Release Notes

All specifications are subject to change without notice.
ETS is a registered trademark of KNX Association cvba, Brussels.
Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corp., Redmond.


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