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Project data exchange

Project data exchange

Your data always up to date


With Project data exchange you can export and import the following project data of the current ETS project in XML format:

  • the project history
  • the topology(s) with areas, lines and devices including communication objects, group address links and parameter data
  • the building structure with equipment placed in it and
  • the group addresses

Project data exchange works only between projects with the same group address structure (Free/Two-level/Three-level).


We provide you with a free additional tool (ProjectDataExchangeConverter), with which ETS data can be exchanged with Microsoft Excel. Use cases range from the evaluation of ETS data, import of already existing data such as room lists to the creation of an ETS project almost exclusively in Excel.
Download ProjectDataExchange Converter.

Current version: 5.0.1562.0


In connection with ETS3, this tool (device list export/import) mainly used the import function to transfer device lists generated in tabular form to ETS3. The new ETS app called Project Data Exchange uses the XML format of the ETS and enables a comparison of the project engineering between another program and the ETS by means of an additional unique identifier of the device instances. Supplementary to the original use, it is thus possible to keep a common intersection of data between a program and the ETS in sync.

As an example, consider a CAD program. The only system to date with an interface to the app is the DDS-CAD planning tool from the Ascheberg-based software house custom link icon Data Design System (DDS). The core functions for the graphical design of buildings are often supplemented by modules that enable project planning of the technical infrastructure, i.e. also project planning of actuators and sensors in the areas of lighting, heating, air conditioning, etc. After the transfer of the device data, the parameterization, addressing and commissioning of these devices is carried out with the ETS. Changes to the device list by adding or deleting devices can be used for a comparison when transferring back to the (CAD) program on the basis of the data supplied.

Preconfigured device solutions can also be transferred from the manufacturer to the customer via an elegant path with the latest version of the ETS App Project Data Exchange. And those who have their projects in the corresponding XML format can now conveniently read them directly into the ETS. The necessary data structure for using the app is disclosed by the manual provided.

The app integrates itself into the ETS in the menu Extras > IT GmbH and offers the buttons Export, Import and Help in the toolbar. The online help describes in detail all the processes that take place during an import or export.

Version 5.0.1562
Language German/English
Download Only via the KNX online store
Operating system like ETS5 / ETS6
Compatibility ETS5 as of 5.7.2 / ETS6
  Release Notes

All specifications are subject to change without notice.
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